I no longer eat white bread

I no longer eat white bread (in fact I no longer eat bread at all, but that is another story) However, if someone says to me ‘I love white bread’ then that is fine. That is where they are at—the expression of their need, their condition and their life.

So it is with religion. I no longer subscribe to the Christian story but when I did, it was very nourishing. Now I find my nourishment in other ways and that is fine. That is where I am at—the expression of my need, my condition and my life.

If parallel universes exist then perhaps there is a need for just that state of affairs. The Christian story was an important stepping stone in my journey of discovery. (But for an accident of geography this could have been the Muslim, Hindu or Buddist story.) I couldn’t have come through my life without it. It rescued me, created me, supported me; enriched me. But now I am reaching out on a different discovery. I am a person of faith, on a journey, but it seems to me that now my challenge is to discover, within myself and the world, the meaning I once found within the Christian Story. Many of the things I discover will be similar or even identical to the messages within the Christian story. Some may be quite different. But the journey of discovery continues.

While I am keeping my mind and my heart open to the messages from life, yet I have made choices. I will love. I will give. I will marvel at the world. I will be a positive force for good wherever I can. I will continue my search. I will endeavour to be humble and I will engage with others of ‘Faith’ in the challenge to discover all I can about this life that is so mysterious and marvellous.