Take a Journey with Bev Floyd | Australian Author & Poet

Travel Adventurer
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Take a Journey with Bev Floyd | Australian Author & Poet

Travel Adventurer

Australian Poems & Political Stories by Bev Floyd

As an avid traveller, author and poet in her native Australian landscape, Bev Floyd crafts verbal imagery and expression to evoke a rich experience for her reader. Her repertoire of works range across political and social issues, to tales of adventure and travel, the preservation of experiences through time, and poetry that celebrates the essence of life.

Sunset on top of Mount Ngungun, Queensland

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Evolution begins…
It leads to consciousness and choice. There’s a range of responses. Some groups learn to live co-operatively. Some don’t, which causes pain and suffering. Evolution doesn’t end with Homo Sapiens.
Consciousness continues to increase. There are many good people who show humanity a better way to live. More and more people learn compassion and altruism. Evolution eventually reaches its goal.
Humanity is fully conscious. The world is at peace. Goodness is found everywhere.
‘Homo humanis’

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Secular Christianity
Cover SC
Secular Christianity
Adventures in Queensland - Bev Floyd
Adventures in Queensland
– Diary of an
Avid Traveller
Rise and Fall of Democrats Large
The Rise and Fall of the Australian Democrats
Bev Floyd - Lively Tales from Papua New Guinea
Lively tales from Papua New Guinea

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As an Australian author, Bev enjoys making much of her creative work available for anyone to read and experience. The following titles are offered as free downloads to the avid reader.

Poetry Collection

Bev’s poetry is inspired by her beloved Australia, and the life she finds where her travels take her. A small collection of Bev’s Australian-inspired poems are available free for your enjoyment.

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